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What is Probus ?

The Probus Club movement, which is both non-political and non-sectarian was formed in the United Kingdom in 1965, the inaugural luncheon meeting of the first Probus Club was held in Caterham on the 2nd March 1966.
A question people often ask is what probus stands for: The name Probus is an acronym for (Pro)fessional and (Bus)iness.
Probus Clubs are unusual in that, although existing worldwide, there is no central organization. This effectively means that all clubs are individual, however, they all adhere to the Probus philosophy, which is that clubs exist for the purpose of providing retired professional and business people with opportunity to regularly meet with like-minded persons, to make new friends and enjoy socialising. Although Probus membership has its greatest concentrations in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, clubs now exist in all parts of the world.

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